Tuneful House
Design : Kouichi Kimura
Photograph : Yoshihiro Asada
視覚的効果と光の演出は、対面する階段室周りにおいても計画されている 階段室に配置した植栽スペースは、階段室と吹抜けを穏やかに分節し心地よい距離感をつくり出している。
The site is located at a corner of the residential area where old and new houses are mixed together.
The client has requested to build a house for their enriched lives at an ordinary cost.
The reclusive external appearance, induced by the surrounding environment, is composed of the vertical walls that stand at both sides, the longitudinal opening, and the eaves that accentuate horizontal line. It blends with the surroundings and yet gives a peculiar feel, implying that the house includes a unique space.
Entering at the front door appears a room separated by the sliding doors that have rectangle slits. It is used as the music room. The rhythmically laid out slits create atmosphere that matches the room. In contrast, by closing the sliding doors, the room is connected with the entrance, hall, and passage, functioning as a unified, visually expanded space.
On the second floor, the living-dining room is planned. Various space renderings are provided in this single room.
The room contains a wall which dimly reflects light from the top light and thus its texture is highlighted.
This is a structural wall, and also an element that divides the space.
By dividing the room, it has brought about migratory traffic that creates a fascinating sequence.
In addition, the carefully placed table, bench, and lighting fixture provide beautiful life scenes.
Such visual effects and light renderings are also planned around the staircase located at the opposite side.
The planting space at the staircase modestly separates the staircase and the atrium to give a pleasant distance between them.
The wall with warm wood surface and the light dispersed through the wooden louver gently embrace the space to produce comfortable lives.
What enhance this house are neither the elaborate details nor expensive materials, but the spatial composition resulted from the visual effect.
Location: Shiga,Japan
Client: Private
Construction Year: 2014
Site Area: 124,78m2
Constructed Area: 130,02m2