House of Silence
Design : Kouichi Kimura
Photograph : Takumi Ota, Kei Nakajima


壁で囲われた外部空間(テラス)は、周囲からの視線を遮りながら光の変化によって 様々な表情を浮かび上がらせている。又、高さのコントラストつけたスケールによって、

The client wanted to have a house which is not influenced by the environment of its location.
This architecture, which is composed of a concrete volume, has not got many windows
and is closed by walls, but has got a variety of space inside that you will never imagine from outside.
The rough concrete finish, shiny tiles and an opening like a belfry will give you a hint of the variation of spaces inside.
The inside spaces are divided by the ceiling height, the different levels of floor and type of lights, and are then connected by the circulated line of flow.
The inner court is cut off from the outside environment and shows a variety of expressions as the light changes.
Moreover, the contrast of the height makes the space even deeper and wider than it actually is.
This house will give you the experience of going through a variety of sequences, like going through cloisters with the light. It exists as a landmark in the town, but it also has highly secured privacy and variety of spaces inside.
Location: Shiga,Japan
Client: Private
Construction Year: 2012
Site Area: 394.42m2
Constructed Area: 321.23m2